Healing the hurt.

Need help?

Christian marriage and Relationship counselling

Dr. Catherine Davey – a Christian GP who specialises as a Counsellor

Ask your own GP for a Mental Health Care plan, so that you can receive the Medicare rebate on Dr. Davey’s fees.

Phone: 0407 704 535

Email: catherine.power@keriva.org.au

Stephen Moorhead – Christian Counsellor

Relationships Australia

Address: 1 Harvester Centre, 4 Devonshire Rd, Sunshine.

Phone: 8311 9222

Website: www.relationships.org.au/locations/vic/sunshine

Email: sunshine@rav.org.au

Sovereignty Psychology – Counsellors & Psychologists – Hoppers Crossing

Phone: 87424468

Website: https://www.sovereigntypsychology.com.au/our-therapists

Marina Dyson – Newport Specialized Therapies

Address: 423 Melbourne Road, Newport

Phone: 0402 345 039
Email: freedom777@optusnet.com.au

Recovering from addictive behaviours


Website: http://www.al-anon.org.au for those impacted by somebody else’s drinking.

Zoom meetings available go to https://www.al-anon.org.au/electronic


Website: https//www.al-anon.org.au-alateen for teenagers impacted by a parent or relative’s drinking.

Zoom meetings available.


Website: www.aa.org.au for recovering alcoholics.

Zoom meetings available.

Drug and Alcohol Help and Support Line


Gamblers Anonymous

Website: www.gaaustralia.org.au

Zoom meetings available.

Gambling Help and Support Line


Narcotics Anonymous

Phone: 1300 652 820

Online Meetings: https://www.na.org.au/multi/online-meetings-update/ for anyone with a drug dependency.

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Website: https://directory.wayahead.org.au/service/2656/

Zoom meetings available.

Counselling Helpline Melbourne: Drug/Alcohol/Gambling/Family etc

Website: https://www.counsellinghelplinemelb.com.au/

Salvation Army Drug and Alcohol services

Website: https://www.salvationarmy.org.au/about-us/our-services/alcohol-and-other-drug-services/

Mental health referrals

Before you visit your GP for a Referral to a Psychologist, phone the psychologist and ask about availability and costs so that you can tell the GP who you want to be referred to.

Make appointments early with Psychologists to get on the waiting list.

Get a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, before attending your first Counselling Appointment with a Psychologist Medicare partial rebate for 6-12 sessions if referred by a GP for a Mental Health Care plan.

Check if your Private Health Fund covers psychologists’ fees (some non-Australians may get a fund rebate).

Christian Counsellors (including some Family Counsellors)

Note that only Dr Catherine Power and Dr Elizabeth Westphal are able to offer Medicare Rebates.

Some Counsellors charge in proportion to your income.

Where there is no Medicare or Private Health Fund rebate for counselling, often, the fees are cheaper.

So, often, your overall costs may be similar to the Clinical Psychology gap fees charged for those with Medicare Cards.

Serenity Family Counselling – Wyndham Vale and West Melbourne

Christian counsellors specifically focusing on the needs of children and teenagers.

Website: http://serenitycounselling.com.au/

Phone: 0444 591 231

Email: info@serenitycounselling.com.au

Sovereignty Christian Counselling

Psychologists & Counselors at 151 Heaths Rd, Hoppers Crossing

Tel: 8742 4468

Email: admin@sovereigntypsychology.com.au

Dr Elizabeth Westphal

Clinical Psychologist at Aspire Counseling, 461 Melbourne Road, Newport

Ph. 9391 9866

Website: http://www.aspireonline.com.au/contact/

Dr Catherine Davey

Newport GP Counsellor (& ex-Missionary)

Ph: 0407 704 535

Marina Dyson

Newport Specialized Therapies 423 Melbourne Road, Newport,

Ph: 0402 345 039 – freedom777@optusnet.com.au

Stephen Moorhead

Family Counsellor – Relationships Australia 1 Harvester Centre, 4 Devonshire Rd, Sunshine.

Ph:8311 922

Mike Skewes

Karinya (Christian) Counselling Centre, Melton 0410 331 170 Mike Skews specializes in recovery from addiction and, recovery for people impacted by someone else’s addiction.


CrossCulture Church of Christ Point Cook Inc. is not affiliated with and does not promote any of the above Agencies or people, specifically. Some Counsellors or Psychologists may suit your situation better than other Counsellors or Psychologists. Use your judgment. Be discerning.