Update changes due to Coronavirus.

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  • ‘Live-Streaming’ of English Church at 9.30 am every Sunday
    From this Sunday 31 May onwards, our AV Team, Worship Team, Service Leader and Preacher will deliver the English Service, mostly ‘live’, from our church every Sunday, without any audience in the auditorium. Safety and hygiene measures will be in place at all times.

    The live-streaming services will continue, even after the Government eventually allows up to 100 people to worship together. When the government ease the restrictions, we will review our situation carefully and consider when and how we can return to having live audiences in the auditorium. As our English Congregation totals to about 170 adults, please pray along with us as we plan how to implement the new arrangements.

  • Life Groups meetings
    From 1st June onwards, we can meet our Life Group members in person as the Government allows up to 20 people at a home at any one time. The number will include members of the family who are hosting the Life Group. Good hygiene practices and physical distancing between one another must be in place at all times.

    However, your Life Group might consider breaking into smaller groups to meet. For example, two families can meet in one house while another two families meet in another house (and so on), and everyone can connect via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Team. This approach will reduce risk and protect our church members who are more vulnerable to the virus.

    CCVT also encourages all Life Group leaders to keep a written record of the date and location of the Life Group and the names of each attendee. If someone is tested positive for COVID-19, the Health Authorities will need to follow up with the group.

    In any case, if you are feeling unwell, please stay at home and do not participate in any activities. Your health is of the highest priority.

  • Prayer gatherings
    Our online prayer gatherings are conducted thrice weekly and they have been going very well. During winter and early spring, we plan to continue our prayer meetings via Zoom every Wednesday and Sunday evening.

    From 1 June, we should be able to consider having our weekly Saturday morning prayer meetings in the Church Foyer, and at the same time, broadcast via Zoom from the Church Foyer. So, you can participate in the Saturday 9am prayer gatherings at church, or at home – whichever you prefer!

  • Life Groups meetings
    English Corner:
    Pastor Annie will be discussing with the Outreach Team about resuming the English classes via Zoom.

    Alpha Course: The Pastoral Team are considering offering online ALPHA Courses, using Microsoft Team, Zoom or similar technology.

    Others: The Pastors are praying about one key, new outreach initiative, that would meet a felt need in the local community and could be volunteer-driven.

General Hygiene:

  • Hard surface areas and common areas in churches are disinfected on Sundays, according to the routine maintenance program.
  • Practice social distancing during physical meetings.
  • Regular reminders to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for more than 20 seconds.
  • Please rest at home if you are unwell.

The Church still need your financial support. Please consider moving to online giving as soon as possible. You can use your internet banking to set up a weekly direct debit, in favor of the church.