Living in hope in turbulent times 4

Speakers: Ps. Esther Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Heb 2:14-15

Title: How to conquer fears and worries in turbulent times?

  • even if we have to face death, we don’t need to fear death, because the sting of death has been removed, and that on the other side of death, for the believer, is heaven.
  • Christ’s resurrection with an imperishable body is the promise, the guarantee, that we believers will one day also be raised with an incorruptible body.
  • it becomes an opportunity to be reminded, that death has been conquered. Death is but a doorway to heaven. There is no need to fear death.

Living in hope in turbulent times 3

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Romans 5: 1-11

Title: How can you be so sure?

  • Through faith in the bloodshed by Christ, you are at peace with God; so you now have access to God and you have the concrete hope that you will share the glory of God
  • Your present sufferings cannot dash that hope. Because God is using our present sufferings to draw us much, much closer to himself. And isn’t that the cause of rejoicing?
  • And we know that God loves us tremendously because He has demonstrated his love for us at the Cross, while we were still sinners.
  • And since God has demonstrated His great love for us while we are living, how much more will he show his love for us when we die? So much more. That’s our solid hope of glory.

Living in hope in turbulent times 2

Speakers: Ps. Esther Kirkpatrick

Title: Survive and thrive during the season of self-isolation

  • We need to learn to acknowledge and manage our own stresses, and negative emotions like sadness, anxiety, and anger
  • Love those in your household well in this season of loss
  • Accept the human limitations to what you can achieve
  • Look for the silver lining, and give thanks in every circumstance

Easter Sunday

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Roman 3: 21-26

Title: God is completely in control

  • Christ’s sacrifice of atonement means Christ’s blood sacrifice that makes amends for the sins of the world
  • Since Christ is God in human form therefore sinless, Christ’s sacrifice of atonement is absolutely perfect
  • Utterly comprehensive to atone to the sins of the world once for all
  • No further sacrifice is ever needed but it’s only effective if we receive it by faith

Spiritual Health Check 4

Speakers: Ps. Lou Dilorenzo

Bible reading: Luke 7: 11-17

Title: Embrace Grieving & Loss

  • God’s heart goes out to those who are grieving
  • God knows every hurt, heartache and sorrow that we go through
  • Jesus invites us to have Him come into the grieve in our lives and for Him to be the one to comfort us

Spiritual Health Check 3

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Genesis 2:15-16

Title: Healthy Limits

  • Growth into spiritual and emotional maturity
  • Grow in knowledge and acceptance of healthy boundaries
  • your own life, work-life, family life and your enjoyment of church life will all become healthier for it

Spiritual Health Check 2

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Genesis 37: 2-5,  17-20

Title: Breaking Negative Power of the Past

  • in difficult days to come, let us press deeper into God
  • as you read the bible, ask God to minister to you in a special way
  • remember the going seems so tough, let Him carry you

Spiritual Health Check

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Luke 7:36 – 50

Title: Look Beneath the Surface

  • Practice Awareness of what you are feeling
  • Ask yourself the “Why” question
  • Link the gospel and your emotional health

Momentous News 3

Speakers: Paul Cameron

Bible reading: Romans 3:9-20

Title: I Am Not OK, You Are Not OK and That’s OK

John 3:16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

God loves everybody.

Momentous News 2

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Romans 2.

Title: Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

No Excuses

  • God’s wrath awaits judgmental moralizers for every time they sin
  • people who don’t know anything about God, but behave contrary to what they know by nature is the right way to live