Momentous News 6

Speakers:  Ps. Esther Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: No condemnation … and more

Bible reading: Romans 8:1-16

  • we live a reality of being a human, our flesh always wants to take control and govern us.
  • when we allow that to happen, we allow spiritual death to our life.
  • when we sin we feel guilty and discouraged
  • life is a repeated cycle trying to do the right thing and failing
  • God doesn’t condemn us, we condemn ourself
  • God sends the holy spirit to our hearts to live in us forever


Momentous News 5

Speakers:  Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Romans 7

The law of sin, wages war against you (& me) almost constantly, tricking and deceiving us into behaving in ways that might give us short-term pleasure but in the long term,

  • undermining our sense of self
  • undermining our integrity,
  • imprisoning us in sin,
  • destroying our emotional and spiritual growth into maturity
  • destroying our relationships.

It’s appalling. Who can help? Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?

Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Church family, our new rally cry is Rest Grow Go. Because:

  • it’s good that everyone experiences the relief of learning to rest in Christ.
  • we want everyone to grow in Christ emotionally and spiritually. So that you and I stop undermining our integrity. And instead, start to become the person God designed you to be
  • so that you can Go in Christ’s name with genuine integrity –sharing with others, the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus.

Now, isn’t that worth doing?

Momentous News 4

Speakers:  Ps. Abrahm Gunn

Bible reading: Romans 6:15-23

  • The debt that we owe God for sins is death but the free gift that God wants to give for all human beings is life and forgiveness through Jesus.
  • This challenges us for what we believe and who we follow is ultimately going to determine how we live and how very destiny.

The Secret to Your Growth

Speakers: Ps. Mike Kirkpatrick

  • Your emotional growth and spiritual growth are very important and they are closely linked.
  • Get baptised, it is part of your emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Remember who you are in Christ, dead to sin alive to God in Christ Jesus, just like your baptism, clean and fresh.

Who passes the test?

Speakers: Ps. Esther Kirkpatrick

Bible reading: Luke 7:36-50

  • It is a delusion that blinds many of us.
  • Because our family and friends, and the society in general, keeps on telling us- we are good people, we are OK.
  • We have intelligence, achievements, and assets, to prop up our sense of identity.
  • We can stand before God and assume we are acceptable to God- on our own merit!
  • We actually do not see ourselves sinful, and so, unlike that broken disreputable woman, we don’t feel that we need forgiveness.
  • And Jesus can’t extend forgiveness of sin to those who don’t ask for it.